Yes, but do you have a WALKEN CLOSET?


Kia’s advertising agency, David&Goliath, release the New Kia SuperBowl Commercial. But it seams to have more of a subliminal message than what meets the eye. The classic one-liner “Hunny, do you know where my socks are?” finally breaks ground with Kia.

Kia in this 2016 Kia Optima commercial goes to the edge of subliminal connotations without hurting anyone’s feelings. The play on word “Walking Closet”, is Introduced by Famous actor, Christopher Walken. Now that’s not the kicker, what we noticed was the selection of name for the protagonist of the commercial. This bare-footed character’s name is “Richard”, which we all know is another name for Rich, Ricky and of course, “Dick”. There’s just a slow moment in Dialogue where Christopher Walken asks Richard: “Do you wanna be devoured, …Richard? Uh Oh. (pause)…

Christopher Walken Closet

“There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who are content to blend in … then there are those who expect more. They’re exciting. They have pizzazz.”

No, its more like there are 2 types of people in this world, those who buy STANCE SOCKS and those who buy a $23 to $37,000 white KIA because Christopher Walken told you to subliminally via Youtube.

As clearly showcased in the commercial, The quoted line denotes The Pizzazz Dot Stance Socks figuratively devouring the plain old beige socks. Personally, the Pizzazz sock wouldn’t of been our first choice, but if you live a routine lifestyle with a regular car, its time to change things around and buy a new KIA. Now Waitttttt a second.. a KIA? Think about this for one second. Let’s plot out the points to KIA or not to KIA?

For the 2017 model, kia-world.net mentioned these key features are expected:

  • trim levels may get upgraded and new features could be offered
  • 24MPG/city and 35MPG/highway, and 50MPG for the UPSCALED HYBRID EDITION
  • the 2017 Optima color range by adding one or two new paint shades
  • Push to Start, Gasoline Direct Injection, sport tuned suspension
  • 2.4 liter engine with 192-hp and a 2.4 liter engine with a 274-hp engine
  • Optima plug-in hybrid version will be launched (confirmed!)
  • Optima wagon will be launched in Europe (US launch not confirmed yet)

Going back to the commercial. In the vast endless journey these two characters take at the end, Christopher’s last line is: “PUNCH IT”, referring to using the horsepower or turbocharged features the Optima brings to the table. Question is… When you do “PUNCH IT”, does it really PUNCH? What are your thoughts?

Does the 2017 Kia Optima really have what it takes to take on our old classics like the Fairlady, Silvia or even the beloved Acura Integra. Furthermore, the Great Lexus IS and even the Eco-friendly Prius have been Drifted in previous recent commercials. Could KIA take it to the track or even maintain a steady and impressive TANDEM DRIFT? WE SET THE CHALLENGE.

February Superbowl Sunday date in Dash LCD

Oh look, the 7th of February is in the Dashboard LCD screen. Its like re-living “Back to The Future” all over again! Just instead of seeing Christopher Lloyd, we have Christopher Walken, a crazy-eyed, white-haired Source of Knowledge who was oddly sitting in his closet this whole time and teaches his younger self to choose (socks) wisely. He secretly opens a parallel universe in his closet by the snap of a finger, and reveals the future, (well, actually its our future, its still Friday the 5th!) and solution to his humdrum routine life. The Big game is on Sunday, February 7th, 3:25 PM PST on CBS, with Denver facing off against Carolina live from Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. While you watch and enjoy, let’s chat about if KIA should or shouldn’t be the star line back for upcoming car shows and a new addition to the breaking of necks. 

2017-Kia-Optima concept

Close, but no Cigar. The concept model clearly integrated an aerodynamically cut ceiling panel and slim mirrors like the new 2017 Lexus NX.

Looking closely, WOW! thats more than 55 buttons! And we don’t even want to look up at the additional roof buttons. WARNING: It’s recommended that if you, for any reason, are addicted, obsessed or maybe just love to press buttons, this vehicle might be just the ticket. A Great reason to spend more time in the car than at home. (Hint: Lebron James’ Kia K900 Commercial)


Looking over the commercial, we also noticed some mistakes. Considering the Optima being directly behind Christopher and then seeing Walken and the bare-footed “Richard” walk into the screen from the right. Something else we noticed was the front right tire in the beginning shot was straight and then slightly turned on a closer presentation. Not to mention Walken’s two button closed suit as he sits and then the classic last button loose as he’s walking with Richard.

commercial mistake

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.05.16 PM

Lets push it one step further for all our followers. What happens when you mix the latest model design and put it in an environment its not used to. The SEMA Show in Las Vegas catered to Kia’s showcasing of the Optima, fully suited to impress. Decorated and worked on by Lux Motorwerks in Keyport, New Jersey, the “Miami-themed” Kia sat on the show floor for all to see. Let’s see how they did.

What are your comments on the commercial and also your concept of show floor ethics on the do’s and do not’s for entry vehicles on events like these?


… I think we spoke too soon..

We might be “Walken” away from this article, but make sure you study your playing field before you place your bets. Cheers!


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