Fknhard Magazine and “JustMomo Baby” have teamed together into a collaboration to provide a select edition of items for your Baby or toddler. The original concept was inspired by a very passionate individual who we hold in high regards, Naty Calle. You’ve probably have read our article covering the interview we had together sometime ago. It covered the aesthetics of our underwater photoshoot we had in miami with Sheryl Sincler and Brooke Ashley.

Naty has focused on providing a select collection covering an array of child and baby apparel. Her handmade artisan techniques bring a south american peruvian style that transcends through her work.

Her main site page is

She’s dedicated to improving life’s quality through tying in a number a community-based support programs to provide a more cultural and traditional form of service. Through her work she has generated a broader audience and expands to working with non-profit organizations like SHUZZ and WONDERWORK.

In this edition, she has released a Fknhard Camouflage Baby Bib and Booties Two-piece matching set.


The Dark Green Woodland Hunting Camouflage colors are a perfect compliment to Daddy’s little hunter or Mommy’s favorite Sniper!

The camo cotton handkerchief comfortably wraps around your baby’s neck and the inner lining of the booties and bib are equipped with a soft felt-like fleece (polyester) for your baby’s skin. The custom items are fully handmade and due to inconsistencies in the camouflage pattern, final product may or may not reflect the item shown. Booties have an inner gentle elastic band to fasten the booties safe to your babies feet and have a medium leather grip for the underfoot.

If you’d like to embroider your child’s name onto the triangular-shaped bib or bootie, that is also possible. They’re might be an additional charge, but it’s definitely worth the little extra. Due to the volume of orders the production time runs between 1-2 weeks, separate from shipping. International rates are available upon Request.

Available in: New Born, 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-24 months, 1 year old, 2 years old.

Product Composed of: Outer: Cotton,  Inner: Fleece,  Booty Soles: Leather

This two-piece setup is great for camping, hunting companionship, fashion, baby’s ride around town, making new baby friends at Toys-R-us, birthday homebody get-togethers and it will definitely withstand the Crispy, Warm Flakes of a Starbucks La Boulange Croissant!

Here is the link to get your New Woodland Two-piece Set! FKNHARD BABY CAMO BIB & BOOTIES

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