“I can hear you from a mile down, broski!”

As a Family Member of Fknhard Magazine and also the creator of the “Donk Board“, Bryan the CEO, dedicates himself in touring the nation to the latest and only the hottest booming bass events along with his media crew, whether they be lowriders, mini-truckin’, candy-painted car shows or top model hooters bikini contests that leave everyone drooling …in their pants! LMAO!

The crowds flock as, Bryan Chuechunklin or commonly known as, “Bryan The CEO”, owner of, interviews, showcases and provides a full ensemble of audio deep bass presentations and touring event constructs worth experiencing!

Take a look at these lightweight VOSSEN CV-T Metallic Gloss Silver Wheels on a Showcased Azure Ferrari.


Stay up to date when rolls up into your town to get blown away with his new custom audio bass speaker setups. WHOMP! PRAAAP! If you’re a Girl and have a LONG-HAIR-DON’T-CARE Lifestyle, then come out to the next event and watch your beautiful salon hair turn out looking like Garfield after comin’ out the dryer.

Loud Bass and Bikinis! What more do you want? Bryan, a Chick Magnet? Hell Yeah! It must be the Big Magnet he carries at the tip of his BASS HEAD! Of course we’re jealous, its only natural. But we fully support Bryan and his entourage of loyal and dedicated Bass Head Employees who have stuck through thick and thin monster audio cables to make “ends meet”! His stand alone spirit is natural, authentic and a clear passion is seen in everything he has sought out and accomplished.


Catch this Exclusive Vid of Abby Recker in Robert Jagacki’s THE DEMO BUS!

Since the first day we crossed paths with Bryan and his love for, we knew that he brought a strong sense of dedication, professionalism and a lot of hard work to make little details matter in today’s car/truck culture, audio slaves all around and the luscious models he works with.


While supporting his loving family, he still manages to output video-rich content for all the connected social media accounts, his cross-state touring, videos, interviews, pre-production, planning, editing, videography, photography and all he has stipulated in providing a well-rounded, aesthetically pleasing service and a stable flow of media to all directions along with his affiliates.


We personally only work with the Dedicated. We support those who have passion for what they love to do. Bryan and his Team have superseded our expectations since Day One. His consistency is worth Hiring or if you are in a Giving Mood, feel free to Donate to his Everyday Hustle and become a supporting part of his passion. Here is the Link: MODIFIED SHOW DONATE.

If you’re a “BASS HEAD” or have an amazing “BASS BOTTOM”, you will love everything Bryan, his media crew and affiliates have to offer in event coverage and top-of-the-line custom bass systems.



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The Fknhard™ Online Magazine focuses on Building The Largest Worldwide Community Powerhouse of United Models, Rides and Family, to offer them the aggressive motive they desire to overcome and dominate.

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