Our main goal continues to be, building the Largest Worldwide Community Powerhouse of united Models, Rides and Family to offer them the aggressive motive they desire to overcome and dominate. Since mid-2011, FKNHARD™ has come to be a gateway to new roads and opportunities to many. We support the devoted.

FKNHARD™ Finish Knowing Number one Has Always been Ready to Dominate

Damien Sincler, Owner of Fknhard Magazine, Las Vegas


Before the origin of fknhard, Sincler, a 28 year old Computer Animation major, was a freelance commercial artist who in time became the jack-of-all-trades in his expanding field. In the city of Miami, where he was born and raised, he invested 6 years as a prominent Art Director at a large promotional company helping to mentor an empire of 30 in-house artists and 50 outsourced artists overseas. With round-the-clock shifts and late night video tutorials, he proved his strength and determination to getting things done. After a struggling job loss in early 2011, Damien lost his home, mode of transportation and status as a thriving artist. Luckily he was able to depend on an amazing friend, Eddy DeJesus, who was able to aid in his recovery. In the slump of time, Damien had a life-changing epiphany and directed himself to show resilience in the face of strife. He dedicated himself to making something new and far greater: FKNHARD™, his Life’s Achievement.


Polo Molina, Owner of Fknhard Magazine, Miami


Before the origin of fknhard, Molina, was a 29 year old sports-minded traditional artist, dedicated his passion to paintings with more of an edge and meaning to them. His balance in life was connecting with the right crowds, his love for athleticism and his collection of art at his rsvp art showcases. In that time, Polo became a very dependable asset to the Art Dept. at the same promotional company Damien worked for. He proved to those around him that only time would show his loyalty and determination. He perfected himself as he completed all attainable tasks at hand. After years of dedication, he opted to take his path as an Independent Specialist in Screen Printing. Polo arduously built a Flagship Apparel/Sign Printing Company from the ground up, using the right tools and techniques to provide his customers with the utmost service and best turn-around times. Polo became a long and well-experienced entrepreneur in the printing mainstream. Putting full effort & professionalism, he exceeded protocol and confidently welcomed more clients & investors to the trade. Molina stood at the edge of the printing industry ready to provide to the next major client with a Full Driving Force.

During mid-summer of 2011, both partners teamed up and began building something new and refreshing. A lighthouse to many out there who searched for an entity who they could identify with and share amongst each other. Their cohesive sustaining endurance triumphed, knowing that Cage-Free Athletes would someday be greater in unison under one name. Culture, Sport and Man were bred into one.
The Fknhard™ WorldWide Athletic Brand launched the 1st of January, 2012 with an intense fever to grow. Both Sport Enthusiasts joined strategy and product to build the incentives and tools needed for Athletes to draw strength, agility and power from within.

Allyson Fuzera Correa Versus JJ Naico Dorifto on the Drift track running tandems

Above: The first Man to earn his huge Fknhard™ vinyl decal and Partnership with us: Allyson “FUZERA” Correa, Fknhard™ Drift Motorsports Driver, ASE/AATI Certified & Nissan Certified Master Technician. (Photo by: Adam Byerly)

Start Fknhard™, Finish First.

Great things flourished from this as Damien Sincler created identity icons for many others along the way like Cambergang, JMG Miami and fknhard.

The Brand now operates nationwide and ships international. Sincler manages design, web, app, sales, marketing and R&D from the sunny, west coast in Las Vegas, Nevada while Molina mans our Headquarter Production stations in Miami, Florida.

After four consecutive years, Damien, Polo and the Authorized Distributing Officers, like Cory King, have not stopped to bring the vision across multiple platforms to the local and worldwide crowd that follows. In 2015, the Fknhard™ Worldwide Athletic Brand had a makeover and Eddy DeJesus, our Strategic Marketing Advisor and owner of CosGamer.com, sponsored the brand to take it to the next level.

Eddy DeJesus, Owner of CosGamer.com

The dedicated Classic brand upgraded its status to Online Magazine and has dedicated itself to exposing, sharing and writing about Top Models, Rides and Family. Among the rich articles, Fknhard™ Magazine now provides a full shop of souvenirs and also caters to passionate individuals who have dedicated themselves to working along side with us to sell their products.

The Magazine is currently expanding into a diverse amount of industries, with expectations to cater to all types of customers as a multi-level public provider. We strive everyday to grow, learn and share the community that has built this to be a Worldwide United Powerhouse of Models, Rides and Family.