It’s definitely an honor to be an Authorized Referral Distributor for D2BD! If you haven’t crossed paths with the Legendary Steve, then today you meet your Maker! The fact that his family lineage has contributed dearly in improving the car industry, makes the validity in trusting his products ten times more. Before you decide to quit reading this amazing article, we’re launching a Promo Campaign together to get you suited up to start breaking necks on the Streets!

Reach out to DARE 2B DIFFERENT at 855-924-D2BD(3223)

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Monday – Saturday 9AM – 10PM EST or email them at: steve@d2bdmotorwerks.com


and get hooked up today for a Full Performance Air Ride Suspension System or other systems/parts!

Dare 2B Different! Motorwerks® systems, parts and accessories are exclusively designed and manufactured in-house with stringent quality standards. All of their products are unique and not found elsewhere on the market. Many of their OEM replacements have been re-engineered to be better than the original. Other items they offer are cosmetic enhancements to interiors, exteriors and engine compartments.

When we say “Automotive Lineage” we mean business. Legendary Steve’s Great Grandfather, Louis Langford (Louis Solomon) was one of the Inventors of the First Hydromatic Transmission, AKA the “Autoglide Transmitter” or as we know it as the “automatic transmission!”




See it for yourself, Here is a link to an old article from the London Journal dated on January 23rd, 1953 and titled “And Safer Driving –Plus Economy”

If you’re going to buy an additional incentive to your ride that will make a difference, we fully recommend you to buy it from someone that is willing to help, guide you with years of experience and provide with a proven track record of successful results! Take a Look at Legendary Steve’s track records of progress:

  • First words uttered as a child were “28 Ford, Don’t Touch!”
  • Raised in the Antique Car Business
  • Wrenched on many cars as a teenager including his beloved 1965 Lincoln convertible.
  • Made a profession of selling Toyota’s beginning back in 1989.
  • Holds a twenty-two year career of selling automobiles
  • Success at garnering just about every award available.
  • As a “best-of-the-best” Professional Retail Outstanding Sales Consultant gained Rolex watches, trips, cash, plaques, and status as a 16 year Pros member of a five state Southeast region (one of the top fifty).
  • Film training videos for Southeast Toyota, being the first vendor to be approved for Scion Exposed events as Scionpro.com (now d2bdmotowerks.com)
  • Built the Glide Surf Woodie in the Club Joes VS. Scion Pros competition for charity.
  • Invited to Japan to meet the President of Toyota Katsuaki Wantanabe and chief engineers of Scion!
  • Headed up by Jack Hollis CEO Scion USA, we were toured all over the manufacturing plants in Nagoya, Japan to several museums and palaces then brought to Toyota headquarters in Tokyo for an all out celebration of the five year anniversary of Scion in 2008.
  • Received a Katana Sword with the President Wantanabe’s signature on the stand!



D2BD offers :




In the D2BD Catalog you’ll find:

We Support those that dedicate themselves to what they love most, their Passion! Call Steve and tell him we sent you, Promocode “FKNHARD”. If you’re thinking about upgrading your rides’ kicks, suspensions or even making tweaks with accessories, reach out and rely only on those who are TRUSTED!


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