Eddy DeJesus, Puerto Rico


Currently Eddy is a Professional Photographer, Stationed in the Tri-County Area in Miami, Florida.

Eddy DeJesus Photography Studio

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We’ve worked with Eddy since early 2004, when Facebook and Myspace had just began scaling the charts and photography was going to take a sudden hit with the introduction of selfies. Through the struggle, Mr. DeJesus has studied, perfected his art, his eye and his vision of giving life to all that he confronts. His constant technique building skills have superbly blown his photography out of the water and onto a different level. From Product to Portraits, Eddy is stunning inside and on Location.

Bio, Career & History:
Born on the Sunny Isle of Puerto Rico, Edwin DeJesus brings a new “transistic” feel and strategy in his Daily Sessions. His Island upbringing originally marked his style to convey a drawn line of expression in his photographs. The landscape and photograph had not always been his strong suite, but he was always there on the backside side of the camera lens. This goes to show what one can accomplish when they set their focus and goals into one direction and ideal. His investments into equipment, lenses, on-location elements, background canvasses, product setups, lighting props, stands and its unnamed gadgets to facilitate every scene, his studio assistants and his session partnerships have all been a personal vision he dedicated to outdo, outperform and rise above any daily routine. His Fervor and disciplined manner has taken to him to where he is today with his full expansion to on-location setups, Personal Studio, and External Photo Studio Workspace within the heart of Miami. He is constantly traveling abroad to Multiple Event Venues as he toggles between various industries that request his consistent and trusted services. He invests his own time in studying, training and testing techniques, methods and is constantly building his daily portfolio that has amassed and touched many lives across the board. His Respectful Manner and Quiet, reformed character evokes a tranquil, free environment to his models. Open range feel for Music and expression run rampant in his Photographic Sessions as models are more comfortable and take the time to get the right look that jumps out at viewers. We are Witnesses of his great mesmerizing multiple work sessions we’ve contracted him for.

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Aside from Photography, He Likes his coffee light with two shots of milk, and when the sun sets, his Classic Blue Long Island, “shaken, not stirred”. He loves conversation, and getting to understand the how’s and why’s of everything. He always has the latest tech products and is constantly, time and time again, on the latest features, gadgets and news feed to better his conversation, his opinion and his realm’s standpoint. As a deep-hearted lover of Final Fantasy, its creator and its history, Eddy recently founded in Late 2015, CosGamer, an entity that would manage the meeting, interaction and build the bridge between Cosplay costume makers and Gamers, worldwide. His motivated US Roadtrips and flights have taken him far as he has attended multiple Cosplay Conventions, Gaming-Inspired Events and those Adult Late night Underground Exclusive Parties and Festivities that have extended the hand to expanding to many more. His persistence in connecting with others and expanding has taken Eddy and CosGamer abroad. Feel free to head to CosGamer and connect with your favorite Gamers that want to follow you, or if your a Hardcore Gamer and want to see you favorite Nintendo, XBOX or Playstation Game Character in Live Action, Check them out.



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