Hard Boulders, and slithery snakes in the bush, Watch out! Red Rock is home to many of Nevada’s beautiful desert creatures, whom of which coexist within Red Rock Canyon. Just 6 miles past the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area at 1000 Scenic Loop Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89161, where we set out to explore the wilderness and set foot on native land that has rich history.



Within the Calico Basin, Red Rock measures at a height of about 3,394 feet to 7,092 feet with over 100 hiking trails, ranging from your starter 1 mile hike up to trails that run 12 miles in length. And if you forgot to bring your Chevro-legs, then options like a 13-mile scenic driving route is optional. Locals and tourists abroad have been seen trail hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing & horseback riding.


This time, we set out to see how Two Hot Vegas Girls could withstand a day’s hiking trail and also bring about an awareness of how impressive nature is as it surrounds us. These two bold Makeup & Hairstylists, Valentina Zuniga & Isamar Larrieta, put down their eyeliner, mascara and blow dryer to take on a bigger challenge, Nature itself! Sun Tan Lotion alone could not prepare them for what lies ahead. Scorching heat of 110°F (41 °C), sharp rocks, slipping sand, wildlife, and very little shade was just a few of the things they faced as they hiked the RR trails with precaution.


The winds on the western side of the city are stronger and create possible mid-level sand storms. The rising heat at mid-day slowly crisped the surface of their skin, as the elevated rocks only got more difficult to climb as they trailed on.


Here is a list of Insects & Spiders found in the area: RedRock Spiders


Here is a list of Wildlife found in the area: RedRock Wildlife


In the midst of Triassic fossils and many desert flora, the adventure is breathtaking. The complete area holds about 40 natural springs and is documented as the first dinosaur track site in Nevada, where dozens of tracks from the Early Jurassic period have currently been documented. Other fascinating details on the BLM site.


It is such an overwhelming outlook that one is just in awe with how amazing and beautiful these formations are.   (…oh, yeah, the boulders and surrounding scenery was also impressive!)





We are very proud to work alongside Zuniga and Larrieta as they explore more of the unknown. We’ll stay tuned to their latest adventures and fill you in as they set out to their next daring feat.


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