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Nathaly is a Bilingual Photographer with vast experience in Web, Social and SEO as a Creative Director. In the heart of Boynton Beach, Florida, she holds a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. Not only that, but a XCA Certificate in Fashion Design & Ballet Studies.

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We interviewed Nathaly on her work ethics, beliefs and advice. After our Underwater Photoshoot, to which appears in another article, this is what she had to say:

Well to start off Nathaly, we want to thank you for taking the time to meet with us on short notice. We know your schedule is very busy and we most definitely want to savor every moment in showing our audience who you are and what you can pass onto our viewers. We have a 15-20 minute window, so let’s get right to it. After working with Eddy DeJesus on our Underwater photoshoot with Sheryl Sincler and Ashley Brooke in South Florida,

What did you love most of having to work underwater?

Working underwater photography to me is like dancing on air. The results feel like a dream sometimes. I think thats what I love the most.

What was the worst about it?

The worst about it? It’s a little more challenging to reach the model’s mindset in terms of posing.

Nathaly Calle Photography
What message were you trying to convey in your shooting?

For Fknhard Magazine, in particular, I was trying to go for a subtle, yet sensually “sexy” representation side of the branding. Taking advantage of the medium that it has brings such a dreamy feel to the shoot’s setting.

Was there anything that became a memory or learning lesson?

Every shoot is a learning experience. I think its really hard for one to categorize oneself as a master of this or any medium since you learn something new every time you try. But as a photographer, every time I learn a bit more to LET GO and try not to overthink things.

Any advice for others trying to emulate an underwater shoot?

Know the limitations and possibilities of your equipment outside the water first.
And try not to control so much of the movement inside the water, yours or the model. Let go and enjoy.

Nathaly Calle Photography
Give me one life quote that you stand by as a photographer?

I have never liked labels, more than that of a ‘photographer’, ‘designer’ or any other. I feel more like a visual communicator, therefore there are two quotes I live by as a creative individual – no matter the medium.

“If you have no voice: Scream.
If you have no legs: Run.
If you have no hope: Invent.”
– Alegria: Cirque du Soleil movie

“When you step into the light to do the show, play your role with everything you’ve got. Invest every tear, every laugh, everything beautiful and ugly from your lives. Do your show and live your lives with humanity, because whatever you do, it changes someone’s life forever.”
– Alegria: Cirque du Soleil movie

Breathtaking, I say, Nathaly. We want to thank you again for your time and hope your words, answers and advice reach others across our Worldwide Community to make a change or at least a slight difference in the retrospect of their daily lives. We look forward to another interview in the near future and most definitely look forward in working with you again as your accomplished results have always been spot on, every time. Thank you.

Visit Nathaly’s Website to view more or email her today at to hire her wide range of services.

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