Have you heard of the Puppuccino?


How could you say “NO” to that Face?! And at last, an Anonymous tip on the Classic Secret Menu of Starbucks.

Did you know that Starbucks loves PUPPIES! Yes, they do! For all those Dog Lovers out there, there is still hope for your faithful companion. Now Man’s best friend can share the same Love you have for the Global Coffee Chain of Starbucks. Whether you’re walking in for a Doppio Expresso Macchiatto, buying a round of expresso shots for your buddies on celebrating a successful business deal or hanging out with your girlfriends while you’re sipping on Venti, Skim, Extra Shot, Extra-Hot, Extra-Whip, Sugar-Free Caramel Macchiatos, you will always be welcome in bringing your cute little puppy to tag along and place its paws all over this savory delight, the Exclusive Starbucks Puppuccino! and it’s FREE.


We met with Melanie, dog lover and owner of Peanut, a well-behaved caramel-colored miniature Chihuahua, who brought her little buddy to Starbucks to enjoy a Puppuchino!

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Aside from the 26 locations that will offer such a special treat, Starbucks is at the top of the List as #1. She mentioned that she always brings him along whether inside or Drive-Thru and with or without using those puppy eyes of his, he always manages to walk away with his personalized doggy treat.



If you were wondering, the Puppuccino has neither coffee, nor expresso shots, but its served in an expresso-size cup filled with delicious whip cream. Isn’t that just an incredible cup of fun for your doggies taste buds?



Now that we have the puppies nationwide madly addicted to Starbucks, they’re going to have to start counting their calories! Lite WHIP, Extra FROTH should be the answer by then! Dogs will have to be picky, just to get by. Soon we will be seeing their Starbucks Favorite Selects embroidered or labeled across their collar.

“IF LOST, PLEASE SERVE ME A PUPPUCCINO, Pretty Pleeeease!” You heard it first here!


Caution: Get your Phone ready on SELFIE mode because once your pup pulls his/her snout out this cup, you’ll have a Certified “PUP-stache” on your hands, worthy of a great picture together. #puppylove #fknhardmagazine #fknhard

And as ALWAYS, we save the BEST PHOTO for last. And remember to Enjoy everything else with your cherished little pup. Cheers!


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