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Currently Istvan is a Photographer, Film director, Producer, Screenwriter & Writer.

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Istvan has a mysterious, yet elusive way of taking his environment to encompass the structure and meaning behind his visionary goals. Istvan includes the simplicity of style with a touch of spice to make things just sparkle in the dark. New to the team, Istvan has portrayed an enlightened aspect of visuals and emotion. His class is that of which is highly recognized and appreciated. Feel free to contact him for the sessions that best would express the highest depiction of your inner beauty.

Read about what Istvan Shared with us:
“I was born in Hungary decades ago. I started my artist life as a break-dancer, quite late, but I  trained myself until I joined the largest ballet groups in Hungary. After all this I moved to Paris and became an international professional dancer. I was so proud, but started to feel, it was not enough for me somehow, that’s why I started to write…
In the year of 2000 my publisher released my first novel – Over and over again – which I wrote under a pseudonym: Peet Goodman. In 2007 came out the next one. Titled Faces from the dark. My story continued with two plays – Afternoon, Panelninja – and two movies – DeathWaltz, Indian – but I’ve been always unsatisfied…
As an author I always had pictures in my mind and I felt, I had to do something with those stuffs, so I bought a camera…
Now I’m a Miami-based portrait and product photographer with a huge love for storytelling. My favorite subjects are people, obviously, and more especially the artists – actors, dancers. I’ve already had two exhibitions in Hungary, and now I’m working on the third one. I’m also working on a new movie script, but it’s not a big deal.
‘That’s the way I like it.’ ”

Bio, Career & History:
He was born as Istvan Gulyas but he decided to take his mother’s (Etelka Eva Szabo) last name for family reasons. He already went by the name Istvan Szabo when he wrote his first movie screenplay (for the movie Halalkeringo, 2010). He received some negative criticism for taking the name Istvan Szabo as there is also an Academy Award winning Hungarian director with exactly the same name. As a result of this he took the middle name Peet (his former stage name) and he became Istvan P. Szabo. He started his professional career as a dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor. He trained under such renowned artists as Iván Markó, Joe Alegado, Pál Frenák, Tamás Juronics, etc. Up until 2007 he took part in a number of Hungarian and international (predominantly French) dance productions. Between 2003 and 2010 he took courses in screenwriting (in film and television-writing), acting, journalism and film directing (both basic and master level courses). In the 2000’s he published two novels under the pseudonym Peet Goodman. He also wrote and published lyrics under the name Peet. His one-man comedy, Panelninja, has been playing in Hungarian theatres since 2012. He started his career in the television and film industry as a screenwriter for the popular Hungarian crime drama series “Tuzvonalban”. He wrote and directed the movie titled “Indian”, a drama with elements of dark humor. Before its Hungarian release date “Indian” was already chosen as one of the official feature films for both the “13. Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles” and the “Hungarian Film Week of Bucharest”. Since 2011 he has been involved in photography. Since 2014 he is a Miami-based portrait, fashion, sport-fitness and event photographer. His hobbies include various sports and computer games.

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