Hard Beats for these Streets


Streets are Hard, and the Papzz be Houdin’! DEZZY™ and the BCM©Records Group

are back at it again and have proven themselves worthy against a wall of haters

that continue to pursue DEZZY™ and the amazing entourage he has at his side.

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DE2 is out, watch it now!

This time the team takes the wooden tree-lined paths of Southwest Philly to issue out their pardons in their new craze, the Exclusive Premiere, “DE2 FLOWS”.

There’s something about DEZZY™ that leaves you wanting more. His knowledge, perspective and the authentic, rich clash of daily life bring about a flow of intrinsic collections of music.

He’s able to inject the right amount of words, and at the same time, be direct with his time and efficiency. DEZZY™ tells it to you like Moses parting waters differentiating the real people from the fakes.

And it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes things are much more than what you see at first glance. His new release brings about a spotlight as well to the outstanding Production crew in Lighting, On-location filmmaking, studio recording, sound check and the Video Editing Engineers who collaborated to present you with this final film execution.

We can definitely see that DEZZY™ is fully supported to bring you only the best in rhythm, rhyme and the story that carries you through the message he portrays.

In this melodic journey DEZZY™ shares those whom he values most and the incentives one can enjoy when embracing those initiatives.

We salute and support the dedicated and the hard worker that puts passion, vision and execution in his hands. Big shout out to the those who stayed diligent in piecing together this great collaboration of work.


DE2 FLOWS (Official Music Video)
DE2 is late
I’m so sorry that it’s late.
I’m so sorry I made you wait,
I had to give my flow an upgrade.
I had to text my chick an update,
told her I’m ah be home late.
I’m in the studio working real late
you can never be too great,
but.. you could be too fake
these fake-ass negus two-faced.
Got the game tied like shoot lace.
You can tell who real & who ain’t,
when you get the winning
they don’t yell hooray,
they don’t throw confetti,
don’t congratulate.
That’s a different story
but they not gonna get away,
Got a chick fine as wine
nicknamed her ass Crush grapes.
in the club with DJ Milly
smoke cloud outta the Vape.
Gas all in my tank,
Sipping all on my drink
Bar-coded my bars
and it’s Fuck what you think.
and it’s a fuck your two cents
you can keep that sh!t in the bank.
Free Nell Raw out the Chainz,
Rep my team thats gang,
shout-out BCM©
the best decision that I made,
pull up in all black
looking like we in a gang.
Nah we don’t bang,
but.. We got some things that bang.
Pull up with some shooters
broad day and make a scene,
have your body leaning
like you sippin’ on Codeine.
Got them pulling back the drapes,
peeking through the seams,
looking through the blinds
trynna’ watch out for the team.
BCM© oh that’s my team,
BCM© on everything
You know money talk,
Cash rules everything,
I’m gone.


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℗ 2018 BCM RECORDS. Released on: 2018-01-16
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