2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Fan Festival


Blue skies, sand between your toes, prepare for a SUNDAY FUNDAY! Well, its more like a Wednesday and Thursday, middle-of-the-week HUMP DAY! World Famous Magazine Sports Illustrated walks the beaches of Lummus Park in South Beach, Miami, Florida at the Sports Illustrated Swim Beach Fan Experience from 11am on February 17 to 5pm on February 18. #SiSwim

Well-renowned Pro-Photographer, Eddy DeJesus, took on the sandy beaches of Miami Beach to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the top cover models that have made Sports Illustrated the Amazing Magazine that it is. The Complete event came down south to Florida from New York to celebrate the launch of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016.

The Haute location, setting and exclusive layout was spectacular with their white-tented setup and hanging banners parading the lovely photos and names of these luscious beach-warming models. Even Lexus made its way into the array of things as they showcased their new Gunmetal 2016 Lexus RX model.

The 308HP beast of a motor starts off at a retail value of around $42K. Its starting model has a 3.5L V6 Revving engine, but other configuration options are:

350 AWD at $43K

350 F Sport at $49K

450H at $52K

450H AWD at $53K

450 F Sport at $57K

Aside from the great pricelist, we also found Hailey Clauson with some shots of the RX in the forums.

We even heard that you could win a chance to get a SI Swimsuit model to shave you at the Schick Hydro Barbershop on-site! Was it you?, let us know how she did.

“Aleksander” from caught this picture of Samantha Hoopes shaving.

Watch out!

We can be the first ones to say:




Other Sponsors at the show were CirocSchick HYDROLane BryantKizzang Sweepstakes and the FOX Daytona 500 for 2016




Let’s go in and see all the great stuff all the no-shows missed!


Wait!!!! Darn. Even if you came early, Yes, Sir, LONG LINES! Of course, who wouldn’t come early to an event like this! Eddy DeJesus prepared for the Best that awaited us.



We also want to make mention of those working behind-the-scenes making this all possible. Aggreko, who dedicate themselves to providing generators and temperature controlled systems (example: They equipped the Levi’s Stadium on Sunday, February 7, 3:30 PM for the Panthers vs. Broncos Showdown), and Dynamic Productions USA, whose creative team worked directly with Dos Equis XX on their tour for scenic, lighting, staging, props, audio, video, and logistic support.  The Miami Beach Fire Department with their John Deere Sand Rover were there and the Miami Beach Police brought safety and security to the event.

Now you’re probably wondering, why the Fire Department!?

Well, we’re guessing the event had the Miami Beach Fire Department on-site only because all these HOT MODELS were just waltzing around so freely. Who knows what could catch fire! Got to be Safe, you know!

Joining the support of the event, was a nice collection of sponsors who also brought their promo models to the show. One of those pretty promo girls was Daniela Bejarano, who we bumped into at the show. Bejarano pushes her love for Smith & Forge Hard Cider. SFHC is dedicating in the Tradition of making things Strong as they make amazingly funny commercials showcasing their strong, sturdy but not too sweet hard cider. Visit them today at SMITH & FORGE.



The printed screen wall below is of 23 year old Danish model, Nina Agdal, who was photographed by Ruven Afanador in Zanzibar, a Tanzanian archipelago off the coast of East Africa. Nina, on a separate note, was in the movie DON JON, with Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Also appearing at the event was The Official Vehicle of Sports Illustrated Magazine, The 2016 Lexus RX.


Below is, Hanna Davis and the rock she dragged through the sand to get to the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swim Beach Fan Experience event! Thanks to American former professional New York Yankees baseball shortstop, Derek Jeter, who puts a Smile on this Heavenly Face everyday!


The very fashionable, Samantha Hoopes, strolled in with her Christian Louboutin Cataclou studded denim and leather espadrille wedge sandals, her double-banded arm T-cuff ball end bracelet and her Seiko Two-toned Diamond laced watch. Many news media coverage was present, such as:

NewsRadio 610

Silvana Camargo with EstiloTV of Telemundo

Jenise Fernandez with Channel 10 News




Look who we found at the show! Yes, this event allowed dogs in. And from the looks of it, on the net, it seams there were a few other pups that had their debut at the beach. This happy Yorkie came along with a cute purple Li’l Pals collar! Someone looks a bit thirsty. Looks like she’s got her eye on those Zephyrhills bottles they were serving at the event!



The crowds formed lines beneath the open highlights in the tent, as they stared up at the list of hanging model banners. Among the autograph-waiting crowd, we caught a glimpse of a fellow running a selfie shoot out by the sponsors wall. 20 minutes in and the camera was still rollin’! Go-on, no one is looking! The Red Carpet is yours!



The very sexy Nina Agdal and Hannah Davis below as they sit side-by-side at the magazine signing table available to all who arrived. Below are a few shots of Nina’s event accessories, which include her unique earrings, watch and stunning, white zippered jumpsuit. And let’s not forget that adorable smile!



And as always, we save the best for last! We present to you, the one of three Cover Models for the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine, 21 year old, Hailey Clauson.

Oh and don’t forget to congratulate Hailey on twitter, it’s her birthday today! March 7. Finally 21, Let’s Party!






On a final note:

We noticed her tiny Triangle tattoo on her left wrist. The Triangle is a tiny symbol that could signify one of Earth’s Elements. A great feature, especially for a cover model who plays between earth and water. A triangle pointing up signifies FIRE, and a triangle pointing downward signifies WATER. Now the only ones that might know the answer are Hailey, her tattoo artist and the two friends she shares this tattoo with. We just have one doubt, because we all don’t know in the direction the triangle is pointing we only have one question…is she WATER or is she FIRE? What do you think she best represents?

… Or maybe we have it all wrong, and its just a simple and strong bond that Hailey shares with her two best friends in the whole world. Sounds about right. Go Hailey!!

Who forms part of your strong bond and why? Share and let us know.

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