Home to the largest yearly collection of Tradeshows is LAS VEGAS! One of the long-awaited events aside from SEMA, is the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) Tradeshow to which occurs on January every year. Each show presents a Next-Generation Marketplace and serves as a great reason to cross-market with local, nationwide companies as well as international corporations abroad. Aside from that, It’s a perfect excuse to get away and test out all the nifty gadgets without having to worry about investing some cash flow.


Pulling you way back in time to Ford’s 1966 GT40 is the 2017 Ford GT model. Back in ’66, the GT40 was the big talk because it beat Ferrari 3 times over at LeMans. The American Ford team won with their developed MK11’s which were fitted with the 427 cu ins FE motor and Ford’s built T44 transaxle.

The Continuation GT40 was 163 inches long, 40 inches high with a ground clearance of 4″. The GT40 continuation was 70 inches wide and had a 22.5 gallon fuel tank.

After 50 years, Ford makes a comeback with the new 2017 limited edition, which is only 490 pounds heavier and 3 inches taller than the continuation model which weighed in at a curb weight of 2,400 lbs. With 630 Horsepower at your bidding and weighing in at 2,890 lbs., the 2017 GT model rocks the boat at a near $400K price tag value.

The top key points that are featured:

  • The GT’s height can be lowered 50mm (about two inches) to improve performance.
  • Rear-view camera
  • Carbon-fibre construction
  • Air inlets feed the intercoolers. (yes, that was plural!)
  • Aerodynamic design with added buttresses for chassis strength and airflow. (Reduces drag and contributes to downforce)
  • Rear-wheel drive and Pushrod Suspension
  • 20 inch GT rims wrapped in 245/35-20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Sprint Cup 2 Tires which in fact are about $360 a pop, weigh about 23 pounds each and are imported from FRANCE!

Oui monsieur! Maintenant, qui est quelque chose de doux , nous pouvons couler nos dents! (English Translation: Yes sir! Now that is something sweet we can sink our teeth into!)

The list keeps going…

  • Advanced Active Aerodynamics (deployable rear spoiler)
  • Port/direct dual fuel-injection
  • Brembo carbon-ceramic Brakes
  • Low-friction roller-finger-follower valvetrain
  • 2 seater cockpit
  • SYNC® 3 Touch screen interface (based on Blackberry’s QNX system)
  • Gorilla Glass Windshield protection
  • Fixed Seating, but an adjustable steering and pedals
  • Shift gear paddles
  • Twin-turbocharged, seven-speed, 3.5-liter, EcoBoost V-6 and a dual-clutch transaxle

THE BAD SIDE TO ALL THIS: No Manual Transmission. 🙁

The high value to this 2 stripe Bad-mama-jama is that its said to only release 1,000 of these models within a 4 year production span. Car Collectors pull out your check books, this one’s almost SOLD OUT!

More information and cool wallpapers can be found at FORD.


Look what we found scrapin’ the carpet at CES 2016! This Suzuki GSXR 1000 is Sweet. We were thiiiiis close to turning her on and start vacuuming up all the haters! Woooooo!



Behind a glass casing, Lexus brings forth what they have been showcasing around for a while, The Lexus “SLIDE”, or “Hoverboard” to what we all know it to be. The Future, so close, yet so far. The bamboo board weighs a little over 25 pounds and requires about 50 ounces of Liquid Nitrogen to float magnetically, which is about the same amount of liquid in a $12.00 Thirty-two load Tide Laundry Detergent Bottle. Only problem is: Publix, Kroger, Safeway or Smith’s doesn’t shelf an endless supply of Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). Shucks!

Did you know Liquid Nitrogen is about $3.75 the LITER! That’s almost 5 times more than gasoline itself! Goodness.

But if you really wanted to get a Hoverboard, you had your chances with Arx Pax, based in California that designed the Hendo Board which sold out at $10,000 a piece. And if you can’t afford that, at least get a glimpse of Tony Hawk testing it out. 


The 675LT Black Onyx McLaren caught our eyes and boy was she a sight for sore eyes.


At this moment, we just want to stay quiet and let the darkness in. Enjoy the Clip!

Before we present our special feature, we had Intel raising the bar at CES with their interactive Drone War Games, as well as a stunning display of setup, live feeds and a SMART DRESS that expanded or contracted its shape depending on your mood and body temperature!


And as always we leave the best for Last. We’ll post the pictures, they alone say more than words.



The Last two photos actually serve no justify to the precious and elegant grace this vehicle really has to offer. Take 1 minute out of your life and watch the video below on what MB has been up to in perfecting their class. Mercedes Benz, unlike no other.

And in competition to the Mercedes Benz IAA is:

German Manufacturer, “Bayerische Motoren Werke”, or most commonly referred to as BMW. BMW lays the future before your eyes for the next 100 years.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Here’s a heads up, You’re going to want to get some duck tape and strap your jaw tight shut. Most recent viewers have been suffering from LDJ Syndrome, also known as Loose Drop Jaw Syndrome. Please be advised.

Now its time to get on Google Maps and find the closest Walmart! Duck Tape’s on sale for $3.97.

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