MONKYCARS.ES, Three friends with Passion!


We are People that come together. Joining hands and forming communities that reach out to the world to share one’s love. MonkyCars in Madrid, Spain has done just that. Three friends, Alex, Chemi and Jaime, who have used their wits and skills to form a community-oriented site that covers auto shows, sporting events, test drives, an endless amount of videos and auto reviews and they also serve as a learning ground for new things much of us can look forward to in reading.



Startups are beautiful and to watch them continue to be consistent in their passion is even greater. What we love most about MonkyCars is the fact that they go above and beyond and get you behind the driver’s seat, at all events and test drives. You get a great sensation of clean and balanced photography as well as a good amount of specific details on all the features and accessories that come included into each written article.


We definitely don’t want to spoil you with all the fun. Connect with them as they continue to join forces across the globe with the car community they are building together. Stay up to date with what’s new on the other side of the world. We’ve learned that three great friends can build an empire when they focus their strengths in one direction. Visit MONKYCARS.ES today and get a whole different perspective!

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