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Only Three Dollars? Something’s up! But yes, its true. We’ll make this short, but we got the Scoop that Goodwill has joined the Auction Site Market. Now I know what your thinking. “But I got Ebay, Ubid and Amazon for all my Car parts!” Apparently now you can go to SHOPGOODWILL.COM and shop for just about anything Nationwide.

Here is the dramatic view on how we think this might of happened. Its like Craigslist had a one night stand with Ebay, and got pregnant. Ebay didn’t want the child, and tried to convince Craigslist about Hillary Clinton’s great views on the Abortion issues and that it’ll be legal, safe and secure. Craigslist said ‘No’ and finally had the baby, Named it “Goodwill” and called it a day. Well, there you go. Who knew?

Feel free to browse around. We found drones for $14 and even this awesome 1/43 scale Red Skyline GT-R for $3 in Kansas and Found more COLLECTIBLES in Florida!

I guess now you won’t have to secretly pull up anymore at your local goodwill store, keep your street cred and go shop online!

Nissan GT-R Infra-Red Control Car

Nissan GT-R Infra-Red Control Car

Nissan GT-R Infra-Red Control Car

Nissan GT-R Infra-Red Control Car

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