So you’re wondering what the Heck does the NX stand for? As per Wikipedia, who is desperately trying to get users to donate to their online foundation of resources, says that:

“The Lexus NX is a luxury compact crossover sold by Lexus, the luxury division of Toyota. It was introduced in late 2014 as an entry-level crossover model in Lexus‘ lineup, slotted below the mid-size RX crossover. The name NX stands for Nimble Crossover.”


Nimble? Nimble is a quick and light in movement or action; agile. But also in the mix of things, as we get ready to add more technology and gadgets to our 2017 line of smart vehicles, Lexus is pushing the Stakes on their Pricing and technology as they break into the european market.


As they compete with the $55K Titan Audi Q7 and the $65-90K BMW X7, they are set to bring a couple of extra features to spice up the drive home. A list of Features appears on TOYOTA AUTO REVIEWS.

For some Juicy Rumors, we caught a glimpse of Lexusrelease.com. Here is a snippet of what they had to say:

The NX crested rooftop line opened a considerable measure of headroom for back seat travelers. The accessible Moonroof – the biggest of its kind on the planet – expanding the feeling of flexibility. The Keyless Door Handle enlighten upon passage or way out and step by step blur as you drive or walk. 2017 Lexus NX overflows with wise innovation, for example, Wireless Charging Tray and the accessible 6.2 Biggest Lexus lineup putting requests far Touch interface route, atmosphere control and a joined gadget readily available while Power-, lying and 60-40 Power-Folding Seats Rear opening the universe of adaptability.


The Turbocharged 27 MPG L-NX, in comparison to the others, pushes 235 Horsepower, while the X7 throttles 300HP, and the AUDI pulls a whopping 333HP. Summer of 2016 is going to get hot. This puppy’s going to be priced at around $36-$40K, but keep in mind that the 2017 NX, unlike its last version, will be supplied with 2 different powertrains under the hood. Can you Feel the Electricity?


One more thing… Did anyone notice the Umbilical Cord?


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