Our friends at THE ROCK FATHER™ – The Pop Culture & Lifestyle Magazine shared on one of their Videos the latest press release issued by Scion. The Press Release is all about Jim Lentz overlaying his full experience about the beginning and end of SCION.

Let’s call it a “TRANSITION”, they say. They go on to mention that since 2003 they’ve noticed customers have “changed”. In transitioning back to the Japanese Brand, it looks like they have accomplished in bringing a 12 year span of youth-targeted customers by luring them and now reeling them into Momma’s big arms (Toyota).

We did some research and call out to the “Style of Japanese Lure Fishing” in its comparison to the Scion lure. Don Wirth of Fieldandstream.com writes about Japanese fishing lures and techniques.

“Over time, the bass in Japanese lakes learn to avoid familiar lures and presentations, so anglers must continually try out new baits and refine their approaches in order to catch fish,” Kiriyama continues. “This often entails downsizing lures, sinkers, and lines for stealthier, more precise presentations. Many Japanese lures are tiny in comparison to American lures, and Japanese manufacturers offer invisible fluorocarbon lines in 1⁄2-pound increments from 2- through 8-pound-test, as well as tungsten sinkers that are 40 percent smaller than their lead counterparts.

“These small lures and sinkers make a quiet entry into the water instead of a loud splash, and subtle presentation methods help baits stand up to the scrutiny of wary bass.”

A Demand for Sophistication
Craftsmanship, precision, and aesthetic perfection are highly prized qualities in Japanese culture. “When I first moved to the U.S., I was surprised how rough-looking many American bass lures appeared, compared to Japanese lures,” Kiriyama says. “The paint finishes looked unrealistic, and hooks and hardware were inferior. And I saw considerable inconsistency in their actions—if I tried 10 identical Japanese crankbaits, nine of them would run perfectly, while only five out of 10 American crankbaits might run right. This is due to low-cost mass production methods employed by American lure makers in order to keep retail prices down. Japanese consumers equate discount pricing with poor quality. Manufacturers there produce far fewer lures, but they are exquisitely detailed and precision-engineered for superior action.

Interesting Lure Techniques. Feel free to finish the Lure techniques article at a later time. Right Now, this classic Scion press release reminds us of all our COSGAMER Fans that LOVE DRAGONBALL Z to Death! The Gaming and Cosplay culture alive in one place, COSGAMER.COM.


Soooooo… This So-called Super “Scion” Transformation reminds us of GOKU’s classic “SUPER-SAIYAN” TRANSFORMATION. Here is a quick visual of what we had in mind. Share it, we dare you.

Super Scion Transformation

This image was photoshopped for your amusement. Meme by Fknhard Magazine. Photo Credits: Rayan Khan Scion TC and Terence Fung, Ovoxo Gang Ride Photo

The Hilarious Super Scion Transformation unfortunately, will probably NOT air LIVE at the NFL’s SuperBowl long awaited, half-time entourage of commercials. Its been released by Michael Wayland of the Detroit News, that Toyota will be airing their full Teaser Ad on the” Heck on Wheels” Prius Commercial #GOPRIUSGO. Sad though, We’re guessing it would of soared in televised viewers falling in line by the billions to watch the live transformation of the great Scion line, its History and its surprisingly BALL-DROP of the brand. And why would Toyota drop this Press Release 4 DAYS right before the 2016 50 Year Anniversary SuperBowl? A lot of Speculations and questions going around. What are your thoughts?


Our Comments: I think your Scion just became More Valuable. You’ve got an Endangered Species on your Hands. Let’s Celebrate with a Car Show. Show’em off!

Oh and if for whatever reason you totally put away the idea of watching the Toyota Prius Commercial above, you probably missed this. A DRIFTING PRIUS! But hey, We wouldn’t blame you. Maybe the Prius will outperform your next door neighbor’s Fairlady! Who knows?

Have you Drifted a Prius Yet?

Final Question: Why does Toyota’s Duck-Talking commercial finale sound like “Alvin” from Alvin and the Chipmunks? There’s a message here somewhere.

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