Eddy DeJesus Photography and JustMomo united to make an impactful, yet memorable underwater shoot in the warm waters of Miami, Florida. Hot Fknhard Models, Sheryl Sincler and Brooke Ashley stormed the scene with a stunning array of New Fknhard summer apparel pieces. With a Luscious touch they skimmed the beauty off the water’s edge.

JustMomo, Dedicated and Focused with a Underwater Cam Setup, captured every bubble. The glistening Sun rays that bounced off the soft, warm skin of the models shot around the scene. High Heels in High Water?… of Course! Fashion Frenzy as these 2 Beautiful Feminine Sharks rippled their finlike arms making heads turn at the On-location shoot. These two were honestly Breaking Hearts and Marriages as they posed and made sweet love to the twin cameras that were constantly shooting.

What we love most are the things that many overlook. We respect photographers like Eddy DeJesus of & Naty Calle of The photographers position is not an easy one. Many say: “Oh yeah, Im a photographer,” as they wave around their latest Samsung Galaxy Edge. Photography has expanded where many entities try to cut corners and avoid having to invest money into inspirational photo sessions. What they don’t know is the fact that photographers like Eddy DeJesus and Naty Calle are more than individuals. They are specialists in their environment; Artists of their canvas, if you will. They dedicate every waking hour and natural experience to expand their form and visionary techniques. The personified mood, feeling and vision is encrypted far deep into their dynamic shades of light, color and balance of scenery. Each angle is strategically and carefully analyzed as no detail is missed on the full scope of their visionary goals. This is much “deeper” that what we perceive even through our own eyes. We fail to see the reality. We take for granted of the efforts, determination and strife, a photographer must surpass to reach the upper echelon of photographic bliss.

We take a look and go behind the scenes as DeJesus and Calle prepare their equipment for diving and glancing at a completely different world is alive, submerged under water. An art unmastered, and the individuals that plunge into searching for its conquest. The Underwater cast had their rehearsed practices of breathing methods and the impressive training that they had to undergo to capture such a magnificent array of light and model. Behind the Lens stands a person, dignified to undergo the strenuous exertion to breathing, bodily fatigue and the feeling of freezing waters, that pull you way out of your comfort zone.

Time slows down underwater and brings in a nuance of style and a romantic sway of free-floating beauty as our models Sheryl Sincler (with the golden mantel) and Brooke Ashley (with her water’s edge black cover-up/pink bikini), both share the experience with the photo crew.

The unity of Light, Colors and Life’s tender youth blend in to one, only to personify a different exposure and tell a story. A soft lineage of glamour, delicate soothsaying and a white crested wave of ever-changing symbolism caught on camera.

Hats off to the wonderful photo crew present at this grand event and the models who participated as unique symbols of change.

Please visit their portfolio pages for more underwater work. and

Stay tuned… More in-depth shots to come from both Models.

Feel free to Read more about this Shoot and the Interview we had with Nathaly Calle in the Photographers section.

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