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Self-Discipline is unique in Today’s World. Among the many that Say and Do, Andrea Toth is a striking figure to admire and follow.  Toth looks up to the world renown athlete, Jim Ryun, who as a three-time Olympic Silver medalist, set the ultimate mile running record at 3 minutes, 51 seconds and is the ONLY American to be Ranked #1 in the world for the 1500m/ mile in back to back years (1966-1967). Toth shared with us that his quote did become a motivational incentive. Ryun once established his discipline that stated:

“Motivation is what gets you started, Habit is what keeps you going.”

Toth is all about mental strength. She goes directly to the source of the issue. Its pretty simple when put it this way:

“Know Mental Strength, Know Success; No Mental Strength, No Success.”

Toth has seen the change in society, the struggling change on how populations have shifted their bodily priorities and have succumbed to accepting their undisciplined bodies and non-exercise routines.

This is only the Tip of the Iceberg. Toth knows best to begin with a focused routine to then reach her desired results. And those members that have dedicated to follow in her footsteps have only seen positivity, change and success. Toth says:

“Many out there think that Perfect Body Results are not possible, when they are constantly bombarded with pictures of impeccable bodies, round butts and flat abs in the social media and abroad.” “Why do you say you cannot succeed?”, Toth questions her audience.

Toth goes on to say:

“Who knows the impossible? We hear about it, talk about it, but no one has seen it. The impossible is nothing more than an idea that exists in our minds. Those who covet the beautifully bodied girls and fitness models, are people just like you who’s perspective in reality is only a little different from the rest.”

Toth refers to the Impossible mentality as “The Stranger”. She states that:

“These individuals, like you and I, have found success only because they have torn down the barriers and crushed “the stranger” living in their heads.”

The very poetic Toth specifically states that:

“The ‘Crushed Stranger’ turns to a powder that our mind feeds from and becomes the First Principle of Achieving Success.”

Here is her Channel Andrea Toth Workout YouTube Channel

We have so much respect for Andrea Toth. Her instructional wisdom is a guide to Personal Living, Exercise, Personal Dedications and Goal Reaching Results.

She goes on to instruct:

“Never forget, don’t ever start from the bottom, but more as, ‘Start from the beginning’. You are not in a bad state, but only ‘about to bring out the best of yourself.’ Push Excuses aside and begin to seek out Solutions, because it does not matter what Shape you have, but what you think deep down inside.”

Andrea reaches out to her followers and new listeners in closing with this:

“Fitness is 100% mental! Your body won’t go where your mind doesn’t push it!”

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