The Badass Biker is Back for more. Just when you thought you saw him in your rear view mirror, the man is right next to you bumpin’ and grinding the side of your fairing to eliminate you as competition. The King is in the Lead! Strapped up to the neck and a guiding helmet to victory is all we need as the black and white checker releases the demons on the track.

With Preference to the Kawasaki® ZX-6R, Mr. 242 is a master of a long list of trades, and one of those is the love for Riding. His devoted passion goes as far back as his childhood. He has dedicated his time to many races abroad and takes every turn with two things in mind, Safety and Victory.

Clocked at 158 mph on a turn, This Caucasian Soothsayer has the girls wildin’ out as he zooms on by. A streak of white is left across the track as his Cortech bodysuit and Suomy helmet play a very important part of safety measures and rules one abides by at the Palm Beach International Raceway for the PBIR Champion Cup Series Racing.

Here is a video Cory King Motorcycle Track Racing

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Thanks to:

Palm Beach International Raceway Link

Homestead Miami Speedway Link

Bay6 Racing Link

Cortech Racing Link

Tim Hunt at Apex Race Services Link

TKS Miami Link

Craig Hagedorn at Spectro Oils Link

SunKingStudio Link

And Full Support from: Primo, Mr. Sarmiento, Eddie Sarmiento, Kristoffer Sarmiento, Cory King, Nick Cernjul, Alan Slaney, Mark Gage, J. Brian King




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