Photography: Eddy DeJesus at eddydejesus.com

Every Thursday Night is a wild night in Miami. You cannot go anywhere without seeing storming groups of bikers on the streets or the miami bars and their biker hangouts as they line up their precious motorcycles across the asphalt making a spectacle for all to see. They only bring out their best. The brightest led setups, loudest revving engines and custom accessories they carefully polish, maintain and love. Yes, it is a miami lifestyle many have come to enjoy and admire. From Hooters Parking lot hangouts to favorite hotspots to grab a cold one and chill with the fellas.

EddyDeJesus Ghoststar Corp Fknhard Magazine Cartel Baggers Mr. Moes Miami Photoshoot

Fknhard Magazine, located in Las Vegas and in Miami, set out a two week window fully planned with photoshoots in Miami, Orlando and Tampa. With our widely known photographer, Eddy DeJesus, we set our spotlight on Coconut Grove. If many don’t know, Fknhard has been well known and seen in many of Grove’s bars. We Support the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce and its thriving Community, who every day is bettering their approach and strategy with Coco Walk’s Businesses and surrounding area. The University of Miami is also close by. Coco Walk is actually known for a large number of UM students that flood through the doors at the UM bars we personally support. The Youth here are the ones that count. Every one needs focus and determination, but every once in a while we all need time to kick back and relax with great friends. This is what Coconut Grove is all about. A chain community of shops, bars and restaurants to give back to the community. It gives a sense of getting away, or more like a layout of establishments dedicated to bringing people together.

EddyDeJesus Ghoststar Corp Fknhard Magazine Cartel Baggers Mr. Moes Miami Photoshoot

Among the Shops and restaurants are a line up of bars like Tavern in the Grove, SandBar Sports Grill, Barracuda Raw Bar & Grill, Froggy’s, Duffy’s and Fat Tuesday. On this night Fknhard Magazine crashed the large crowds that surrounded the entrance of Mr. Moe’s Restaurant & Bar. Mr. Moe’s has always been a home to Fknhard as we are practically family. The Famous Cory King, one of Mr. Moe’s Bartenders, and Francisco Osorio have been Authorized Distributing Officers for Fknhard Apparel for years. Their attention, dedication and passion for Fknhard has been an unstoppable feverish assault on the widespread awareness to others.

The Doors opened; Fknhard Magazine and Camera Crew blended among the crowd and connected with the massive group of Bikers that hung out store front. The Cartel Baggers were an entourage of Individuals who decorated the streets with their steel riding machines. Every Big Wheel Motorcycle was unique in its own style and color. The stage was set as Fknhard Magazine took over the whole street. Lighting Equipment, changing room, hung Apparel selections and the surrounding crowd of Bikers that watched as Fknhard Magazine brought only one of their hottest models onto the Scene.


The Sweet Day-dreaming Gemini, Lilly Lovely, had everyone gawking as she walked to her shoot position. Immediate fans enlisted themselves to follow her as she struck professionalism and an elusive seduction among the sets’ onlookers. The white tiny short shorts she wore were enough to raise the hairs on your neck. Seductively, she leaned and posed her way smoothly through the first set of shots as we had many baggers to shoot with. We had and continue to have full confidence in Lilly as she showed everyone how its really done when it comes to modeling; a total natural.

The Generous Cartel Baggers are an amazing family to which we know and love. Their warm welcome made us all feel at home, once again. As the night progressed, we also had Three Police Officer visits, to which in no way interrupted our on-street photoshoot as we directed traffic out of the way in safety for our models, equipment and the Cartel Baggers valuable rides we had on set. We also want to thank the Law Enforcement Officers that visited and supported our Photoshoot Event.


The Photoshoot also supported our Partnership with Ghoststar Corp. to which provided many elements to the shoot among those items were Ghoststar apparel, Ghoststar gloves to which can be purchased on GHOSTSTAR CORP. SHOP. We also attributed exclusive attention to Ghoststar Corp’s Iconic Flag, to which is famous for actually being taken up to the top of Mount Everest, late 2015. What an honor to have so many entities partake in this amazing event.


Photography: Eddy DeJesus at eddydejesus.com

Cartel Baggers Red Bike

Photography: Eddy DeJesus at eddydejesus.com


The Temperature heightened as the Famous Cartel Baggers brought one of their own into the Shoot. Now it honestly got even better, as we were shooting bikes and models at the same time in duos. The blue and orange leds covered the floor as these lacey love dolls laid across the steel gas tanks. Their sultry eyes made love to the camera and brought the crowd two steps closer.

EddyDeJesus Ghoststar Corp Fknhard Magazine Cartel Baggers Mr. Moes Miami Photoshoot

EddyDeJesus Ghoststar Corp Fknhard Magazine Cartel Baggers Mr. Moes Miami Photoshoot

Eddy DeJesus’ work was magnificent as he only perfected the shots under the shady trees that shot a beautiful glow around the set. The night was not over as we have not forgotten about our Third Photoshoot session that took a turn for the best.

EddyDeJesus Ghoststar Corp Fknhard Magazine Cartel Baggers Mr. Moes Miami Photoshoot

We also want to send a warm thank you to one of our dear friends, Pietro Bacchi who brought his Black Sinful 911 Turbo S Porsche and model on set to continue our shooting. We look forward to working more with Pietro in the near future. Find Pietro’s site at artefacto.com. The third model joined in and the night went on till 2 am as three models, 30-40 loud-throttled motorcycles, on-lookers and crew took over the street.

EddyDeJesus Ghoststar Corp Fknhard Magazine Cartel Baggers Mr. Moes Miami Photoshoot

We want to personally thank Ralph and Jimmy of the Cartel Baggers who corroborated to making sure this project turned out to be a complete success with a full participation of their mighty group of LED glowing Harley Davidson choppers and baggers. We support the Cartel Baggers Family and look forward to working with them on upcoming projects.

Here are a few links to the Cartel Baggers and their outreach.

Cartel Baggers Website

Cartel Baggers YouTube Channel

Cartel Baggers Facebook

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