So we didn’t believe it when we heard it, but we rode out and saw it for ourselves. On this beautiful blue-skied Valentine’s Day, The Infamous Sin City has proven once again another reason to Love Vegas.


Turns out that Clark County has gone out of its way to promote a “LOVE ON THE STREETS” campaign. This could only be attributed to the many pedestrian casualties Las Vegas has on the road, whether it be international tourists or locals, it applies to all. As from last night for a One Day event for Valentine’s Day, Las Vegas turned all the Las Vegas Boulevard red traffic lights to Red Shaped Hearts.


Definitely a change to the regular hustle and bustle of Strip Traffic. It gathers the traffic crowd together as well as making them aware of the nearby pedestrians who are only feet away in distance. Honestly, in our opinion, its a plus in our books.


Drivers in the last 8 months have increased the mortality rate as far as pedestrian and drivers are concerned. We love the efforts the county is going through to better the city “at every corner”. Feel free to contact the city of Las Vegas to thank them for such an A+ job they’re doing in making the city a better place. Their contact page can be found at lasvegasnevada.


Comment below on what you think? The Good, the Bad and the Lovely! The Strip is a busy street but at least now pedestrians can be rest assured that on this one day their “HEART WON’T STOP” ….Loving! Haha- you thought we went there.. haha. We wish you and your loved one, whether if you’re in Las Vegas, Florida, Michigan, Virgina or in frigid Alaska, a warm Valentine’s Day and hope that if you should find yourself lonely on this Red-Light Holiday, be rest assured that you’re at least cherished and admired by those closest to you for the passion and determination you have in life.  Cheers!


Important Note: The above article is a Fknhard Magazine Valentine’s Day Hoax, feel free to prank your loved ones. Go Viral! If for any reason this “red light heart campaign” does happen to surge, you already know where the idea came from, only one place, www.fknhard.com.

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